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The Rotunda Theatre is a brand new 120 seat pop-up studio theatre housed in a geodesic dome.
The team behind Grist To The Mill Productions have seen how small and medium sized venues all around the UK are becoming less and less available to theatre companies.  Due to the current economic climate many of these venues are either closing down or being re-purposed for educational or theatre outreach programs, and it is becoming more and more difficult for companies to program tours and get the dates they want.  As the Rotunda can be erected anywhere where there is the space we hope to work with venues, promoters and communities all over the UK and bring exciting and entertaining work to new and existing audiences. 
We hope to breath new life into provincial theatre, give fresh opportunities to new and existing companies, but above all we want to give our audience something worth coming out for.
The Rotunda Theatre launched at Buxton Festival Fringe 2017 in July, hosting 9 productions and 3 events (The Battle of the Bands on Carnival Day, a youth G&S concert and Buxton Festival Fringe Awards).
Technical: The Rotunda Theatre is housed in a 14m wide sky-blue geodesic dome. Inside it can be equipped with black-out, theatre lighting and sound facilities. The dome can easily accommodate 250 
standing or up to 120 seated audience in a semi-thrust theatre arrangement. We boast a performance area of 6m across by 4m deep, and are looking to increase the space in our backstage area for artists. 
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