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60 Minutes of Mood Swings

We are women, women, perfectly normal women.

A Caravan Named Desire

For a good time contact Krystal. Discreet, professional, clean and tested. Your desire for hire.

A Long Night in London

A true story of catastrophe, survival and love from Britain’s home front.

Adventures With Beeper!

Meet Beeper: the best friend you never had

And I’ll Blow Your House Down

The Big Bad Wolf’s destroyed it all. How’s a pig like you going to start again?

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

Will the robot pass the improv comedy Turing test?


A playful and poignant 'Pocket Sprung' Musical

BEEhavioral Problems: Something Something Autism

He who makes a BEEast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

Bad Clowns: HOSTAGE

What happens when a crazed gunman takes an awful theatre show hostage?

Bishops (work in progress)

Determined to make their show a success; Chris and Noah are willing to do whatever it takes…

Bloody Medea!!!

Comedian, actor, rebel. April Small clowns around with 5,000 years’ worth of the tragic feminine in this truly original tour-de-force of physical comedy.


An unfiltered look at living with bipolar disorder combining storytelling, dramatic monologue and off-beat comedy.

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