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1, 2, 3. sh*t. that’s my OCD

I really need to touch that 3 times. 1, 2, 3. F*ck. Did anyone see that?

470 Miles: A Sketchy Soiree

Not just show; it's a journey into the unknown!

60 Minutes of Mood Swings

No one listens to women who talk too much - so we sing instead.

A Year and a Day


Life affirming comedy from the award winning creator of BBC Three’s WHITE VAN MAN.


A heartbreaking comedy about the madness of friendship

Ada & Bron: The Origin of Love (WIP)

Invitation to a couple's fever dream of weird soulmates and bad romance

All The Men Are Going To Hate Me

A comedy show about one woman’s attempt to write The Great (Female) Novel of the 21st Century.

And I'll Blow Your House Down

And Now...

Andrew Doherty: Gay Witch Sex Cult

A sticky, spooky horror comedy about gender reveal parties, demons from hell, and above all, a Gay Witch Sex Cult (a sex cult for gay witches).

Ariana vs Chomsky

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