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A Caravan Named Desire

For a good time contact Krystal. Discreet, professional, clean and tested. Your desire for hire.

A Long Night in London

A true story of catastrophe, survival and love from Britain’s home front.

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

Will the robot pass the improv comedy Turing test?

BEEhavioral Problems: Something Something Autism

He who makes a BEEast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man

Bad Clowns: HOSTAGE

What happens when a crazed gunman takes an awful theatre show hostage?

Bloody Medea!!!

Comedian, actor, rebel. April Small clowns around with 5,000 years’ worth of the tragic feminine in this truly original tour-de-force of physical comedy.


An unfiltered look at living with bipolar disorder combining storytelling, dramatic monologue and off-beat comedy.

Caspar Thomas: Magic & Mentalism

Magic as stunning as the skill is hidden

Chet Baker – Let’s Get Lost

Young jazz trumpeter and singer Chet Baker has it all going for him, but Chet has a dark secret.

Chopped Liver and Unions

The world is changed by the women you pushed too far

DEGENERATE - Work in Progress

Being forty is like being a vampire: it’s bloody hell.


Born below the breadline, she's desperate to see beyond the neighbourhood and find hope in hopelessness.

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