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Bubble Show by Maxwell the Bubbleologist

Come see the magical bubble man, he makes bubbles as much as he can.
He loves his bubble magic show! Each of his bubbles have a rounded glow!

Suitable for All Ages

Maxwell the Bubbleologist is a professional bubble artist who travels the world with his incredible bubble show. He has just completed a 5 month tour performing all over India, selling out shows seating over 1000 happy faces.

Children and adults of all ages will be thrilled to see the magical, beautiful, and wondrous bubbles that Maxwell creates with his bare hands during his performances.

One of the things that makes Maxwell's show so special is his smooth liquid flair with his hands, manipulating bubbles. Its a combination of sleight of hand magic with ballets in bubble form. His ability  to incorporate positive mindfulness, crossed with science, math, and art into his bubble creations. For example, he uses geometric shapes and patterns to create mesmerizing patterns that he links to interconnected of nature. The show is ethereal, mesmerizing, enjoyable and inspiring.

But it's not just the science and math that make Maxwell's show so captivating. His bubble creations are also works of art, with vibrant colors and intricate designs that will leave children in awe. From giant bubbles that you can step inside to delicate bubbles that dance in the air, Maxwell's show is a feast for the eyes.

Maxwell's bubble show is a must-see for children and families everywhere. With its blend of science, math, art, and interactive fun, it's a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave children excited and inspired. So if you have the opportunity to see Maxwell the bubbleologist in action, don't miss it!


Reviews by other bubble artists:

★★★★★ The Highland Joker Bubble show 

“Wow, I am breathless. Superb hand bubbling technique”

★★★★★ Louis Pearl - The Amazing Bubble Show 

“You are a master”

★★★★★ The adults only Bubble show 

“Hand Bubble skills level 100”



TICKETS: £12/£10

Family Ticket £35

Groups of 4 - 5% discount

Groups of 10 - 10% discount


Sat 06 May @ 11am, Sun 07 May @ 11am

Sat 13 May @ 11am, Sun 14 May @ 11am

Sat 20 May @ 11am, Sun 21 May @ 11am

Sat 27 May @ 11am, Sun 28 May @ 11am

Mon 29 May @ 11am

Tue 30 May @ 11am

Wed 31 May @ 11am

Thur 01 June @ 11am

Fri 02 June @ 11am

Sat 03 June @ 11am, Sun 04 June @ 11am




The Rotunda Theatre

Regency Square




Maxwell the Bubbleologist

and the Bubbles!


The Bubble man

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