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Coleridge-Taylor of Freetown

A concert in a play

Suitable for Age 16 +

The third in a trilogy of one-man musical plays by award-winning playwright actor and singer, Nigerian-born Tayo Aluko, this “concert in a play” contrasts the beautiful music of Coleridge-Taylor with the sometimes harrowing history of his birth-father’s country and the horrors of war.  As with his two previous plays: Call Mr. Robeson and Just An Ordinary Lawyer, Aluko navigates history and politics through a personal story with music and humour, even while tackling very difficult subjects.

A respected Sierra Leonean diplomat hatches a post-retirement plan to tour the world singing songs composed by his famous uncle, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor.  While temporarily helping out at the Philosophy department at Fourah Bay College in Freetown, the civil war that has been ravaging the country finally reaches his campus. Taking shelter, George Coleridge-Taylor reflects on his and his country’s stories, and imagines himself in concert, all while wondering if he dares risk trying to save the female student captured by the fearsome rebels.

This is a world premiere performance.

Warnings: Contains allusions to, and suggestions of sexual violence


★★★★ Theatre, Film and Arts Review, Brighton Fringe, May 2024

'One of the reasons I love Fringe Theatre is challenging performances like these.'

★★★★★ Three Weeks, Brighton Fringe, May 2010 (for Call Mr. Robeson)

'Masterful… I urge you, from somewhere within me that I haven’t been in touch with for a long time, to go and experience [this production] for yourself.'

Excellent Show Fringe Review (for Call Mr. Robeson)

'Music is a universal language, and Aluko speaks it beautifully.'

★★★★★ (for Just An Ordinary Lawyer)

'A masterclass in performance art, research and history' 



TICKETS: £10/£8

£8/£6 on 10 May


Fri 10 May @ 7:30pm

Sat 11 May @ 7:30pm

Sun 12 May @ 7:30pm

Fri 24 May @ 5:30pm

Sat 25 May @ 5:30pm

Sun 26 May @ 5:30pm

RUNNING TIME: 85min (1hr 15min No interval, with a 10min post show Q&A)



The Rotunda Theatre

Regency Square




Directed by Mojisola Kareem

Pianist: Allyson Devenish

CAST: Tayo Aluko


Tayo Aluko & Friends

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