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A psychedelic mime & circus show

Suitable for Age 12 +

He is searching.

Constantly searching, for Lulu.

In parallel to his desperate search is an equally desperate escape. He is running away; from his fears, his desires, his reality.

Lulu is the story of this paradoxical quest, whichleads a troubled, nameless protagonist through deserts, skies, Alan Watts lectures and strip clubs. No matter how far he runs, the path always seems to take him back to where he started. He is constantly brought back to the misery of his reality, and confronted with his own self.

Lulu explores sensitive themes such as loneliness,isolation, and substance abuse, and turns them on their head by asking the audience to see comedy in tragedy. A central theme of Lulu is how beautifully absurd suffering sometimes is, and how being able to be curious about and even laugh at our most painful experiences makes them much easier to bear.

Watch Lulu's trailer here.


"Philippe creates a magical world and a mythical tale taking the audience on his journey through balletic movement, circus skills and mime - humour and pathos and total enjoyment"

Bill Moir, Creative Director, Durham fringe Festival

"A very beautiful show, combining the raw and the marvellous, with much laughter in between… Bravo!"

Joanna Bassi

“Strap in for a ride through the full spectrum of human emotions, from loneliness and melancholy to something close to love. Even the darkest points are delivered under a veil of humor, which keeps the tone light and energized throughout.

The storyline breaks here and there into mezmorizing dream sequences where the circus artist's technical talent takes centre stage.

The music choices are also excellent, they go far beyond 'backing tracks' bringing the piece somewhere else... working with the mime, the music sets your imagination alight, colouring in all the details of the world that Lulu creates with her actions. At the end, when the fourth wall is broken and the mime technique reflected on, it's hard to believe that all that we had witnessed was just one guy on a plain black stage.

Lulu is the story of a quirky character, a reflection on what it is to be human, and a gymnasium for your imagination to play.”

Fionnuala Kavanagh

Please Note: The show is intended for 12 and up but Philippe has often performed in front of younger children without any problems. As long as the parents are comfortable with two or three mimed drug use references.


Mime, Circus, Clown, Dance, acrobatics, juggling

TICKETS: £12/£10


Tue 23 May @ 6pm 

Wed 24 May @ 6pm

Thur 25 May @ 6pm




The Rotunda Theatre

Regency Square




Philippe Ducasse

Stephen Duke


Philippe Ducasse

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