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Grist to the Mill Presents: Gratiano

Did you think you'd play the Villain? Shakespeare's classic 'The Merchant of Venice' retold by a minor character



TICKETS: £13/£11


Wed 19 May @ 6pm

Suitable for Adults & Age 14 +


Ross Ericson's hit Edinburgh show provides a sequel to Shakespeare's 'The Merchant Of Venice' to explore the rise of fascism through the eyes of an ordinary man.  It is set in Venice after World War 2, where we find Bassanio has been murdered and Gratiano is suspect, and it is his questioning that makes him reflect on his fascist past, and by telling us the true story behind Shakespeare's tale we ask; is he a man out for revenge, a penitent sinner, or just an old man full of regret?

From the team behind Edfringe Sell-out 'The Unknown Soldier'.



The Rotunda Theatre

Venue 33k, Pavilion Gardens,

Buxton, SK17 6BE

England, U.K.


Written and Performed by Ross Ericson


★★★★★British Theatre Guide ‘It's a masterful performance, a smart spectacle and a further testament to Ericson's growing magnificence as a modern playwright and performer.’

★★★★★Edinburgh Guide ‘There is a much greater tragedy on the Gratiano’s horizon than a pound of flesh, and this deeply moving play proves, once again, that Ericson is a force to be reckoned with.'

★★★★★The Barefoot Review ‘[Gratiano] cleverly modernises Shakespeare and provides a different and very engaging slant on [The Merchant of Venice]’

★★★★1/2 Adelaide Advertiser ‘A sophisticated, satisfying production with bravura acting deserving of full audiences’

★★★★1/2 Glam Adelaide ‘Ericson’s elegant fable reaches out beyond today’s xenophobes and ultra-nationalists and speaks with integrity while we laugh our socks off.’

★★★★ThreeWeeks 'What makes this show refreshingly different from the innumerable adaptations of Shakespeare plays, told from a minor character’s perspective, is its political engagement.'

★★★★BroadwayBaby ‘Absolutely magnificent... [Ericson] is one of the most convincing actors I’ve ever seen... The production definitely leaves one with much food for thought.'

★★★★FringeGuru ‘So often I’ve seen Shakespeare adaptations try too hard to fit a square peg in a round hole; this show is not one of them. Ericson, with his physically imposing, impassioned performance, has delivered a truly intelligent idea and an insightful show that will leave you thinking for days.'

★★★★730 Review ‘A remarkable performance... [the production] bucks the trend of terrible Shakespeare at the Fringe in impressive style'

★★★★Bouquets&Brickbats ‘The play is beautifully scripted and gamely performed – and it offers views about fascism and racism that seem powerfully prescient given what’s happening in the world right now'

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SHOW - FringeReview ‘A passionate cry against racism and xenophobia in every country, in every century; it speaks to us very clearly today.’


Grist to the Mill Productions

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