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Hannah's Left Hook


You’ve never been clobbered until you’ve been clobbered by Hannah’s left hook.



Sun 17 July 2022, 3pm
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Running Time: 50min no Interval

Suitable for Adults

Through countless scrubbings of St. Lawrence’s Church floor, a poor washerwoman develops a devastating left hook. During the Great War she persuades Birkenhead Shipyard to hire her as its first female labourer, beginning her transformation into working class legend.

Hannah is played by her own great granddaughter in this new stage version of Brian McKeown’s story of survival, feisty determination, and the occasional black eye.

Whether it is a butcher that thumbs his scales or a foreman who exploits female workers, Hannah’s left hook is primed and ready to defend the rights of the unemployed and the oppressed.


'The play brought both Hannah's life and times to the audience's attention. Superb central performance, ably assisted with the rest of the cast.' Sandbach Life


The Rotunda Theatre, 

Venue 33k, Bowling Green,

Pavilion Gardens, Buxton, 

SK17 6BE

Creatives, Cast & Crew

Written by Brian McKeown and adapted for the stage by David Muncaster. 

Performed by Jo Sutton, Alison Jones, Tyler Pirrazzo, Andrew Gregory, Simon Wisbey, Jon Beagles, Rachael Beagles and Miranda Noszkiewicz. 

Directed by David Muncaster. 

Sound and Lighting by Sam Hough.

Presented by 

Above The Title

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