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A man stands in a pool of light in front of a room of silent strangers ready and willing to believe he’s a real person. But he tells us he is only an actor - that his words and ideas belong to someone else. The more he tells us, the less we think for ourselves. We are truly in the dark.

What if everything we believe and experience is an illusion designed to make us forget all that’s important? Are we alone on our own private stages? Part of what’s happening or merely watching?  

A thought provoking comic journey beyond the 4th Wall into the dangerous slippery territory that lies beneath the written word - and right before our eyes. 

Fringe First Winner, Edinburgh Festival
Best Actor Winner, Adelaide Fringe Festival


"Witty and incisive…A Calvitto masterclass… one of the funniest and cleverest performers around, who can signal a rare form of intellectual prat falling with the raise of an eyebrow"

The Herald, Scotland (UK) on The Event

“John Clancy’s extraordinary tour-de-force… so lethally accurate and funny that it’s difficult to resist.”

The Scotsman (UK) on The Event

"An incongruously entertaining lament for a technocratic, money-loving, cliché-packed  21st Century… Calvitto is a single performer gifted enough to rivet an audience."

The Times of London (UK) on The Event

"Intelligent and exhilarating… It deliberately and cruelly destroys illusion: it makes us see how the trick is done,.... Performed with a conjurer's élan by David Calvitto"

The Guardian, London (UK) on The Event


Playwright: John Clancy

Performed by David Calvitto

Website: www.davidcalvitto.com

Twitter: @davidcalvitto

Facebook: @david.calvitto

The Event

£12  Standard
Brighton Venue: SQUEAK



60 min, no interval


Brighton Fringe 2022

Standard £12

Standard Full Price applies to all Adults aged 18 and over.


Age 16+